Visions of Horror

A newspaper cutting of gruesome cabaret incident that Sanrda foresaw

In 1977, a 25-year-old Netherley woman named Sandra was walking down Childwall Valley Road on her way to her mum’s with her 2-year-old baby in his buggy, when she saw a curious, and, terrifying sight. A group of people of all ages came running towards her. Children and women were screaming, and grown men with looks of horror on their faces were all rushing away from something in blind panic. For a moment, Sandra thought a madman with a knife or a gun was on the loose, and she halted and crouched in front of her little son’s pram, bracing herself. As the crowd rushed past Sandra, she saw a huge German shepherd dog that was racing towards her, and she thought this was what the people were running away from, but the dog was also running away from something, and that something was the eerie figure of a man in a grey bloodstained suit. His arms were reaching out, forwards, and he was floating along about a foot off the ground. His face was streaked with blood and when he opened his mouth to make a loud groaning sound, his front teeth were missing. Sanrda knew instantly of course that the thing was a ghost. She had heard the rumours about the apparition that had been seen near Lee Manor Comprehensive for weeks, but now she knew those stories were true. The ghost flew right up to her, and she watched blood stream from both of its eyes as it came out with a string of swear words and insults. She even felt droplets of blood on her face and arms, but Sanrda was so angry at the entity because her infant son was now crying hysterically.
‘What do you want?’ she screamed at the ghost. The apparition’s face twisted and seemed surprised. It spat out loose teeth and in Sandra’s mind, she heard the realistic phantom telling her that he had died in a car crash, and he was so angry at the way he looked now, because he’s been a very vain but handsome man once. He said that as he lay dying in the car wreckage, he saw two young men grinning at him, and he swore he’d find them and kill them. Sandra felt the car crash had taken place on Belle Vale Road.
As Sandra stood there, rocking her son, trying to calm him down, the crowd that had fled from the ghost of Lee Manor slowly started to creep back out of fascination. ‘I don’t know what to do,’ the ghost said to Sandra, and she said, ‘Go to where you belong and be at peace. The ones who laughed at you will also die one day.’
The figure turned, and flew off towards Lee Park golf course, where it vanished into thin air. After that day the ghost never returned again. Sandra though, started to worry. She had been seeing strange things no one else could see recently. In August of the following year, her parents took her on a holiday to Quebec, and one evening, the family went to see a cabaret act at a club. The first act was a magician calling himself Le Grand Melvin. As soon as he came on stage, Sanrda knew he would be dead within minutes, and she told her parents. Then Sandra went the toilet and threw up because of what she saw in her vision. The entertainer brough a 7ft 6inch long boa constrictor on stage and the giant snake began to coil itself around Melvin’s neck. All of a sudden, as the magician was talking, the boa constrictor tightened its grip, and the entertainer’s face started to turn blue. Everyone thought it was part of the act, but then they heard the magician’s neck being crushed, and blood came from his mouth. The manager of the club rushed on stage, took hold of a ceremonial sword the magician used as a prop, and cut the head clean off the boa constrictor. Tables and chairs overturned as horrified people panicked to get out the club. A green gelatinous goo oozed out the twisting body of the headless snake and it squirmed off the stage and moved towards the screaming audience. The magician, Le Grand Melvin, was dead – and Sandra had foreseen his bizarre end.

A few years later in August 1981, Sandra was returning from town when she saw a policeman being stabbed in the middle of Rodney Street. She ran to a Group 4 Security man who was walking to a van on Hardman Street, and when the guard went to look, he could see no stabbed policeman or any sign of a violent attack. The guard called Sandra a divvy and an attention seeker, but exactly a week later, there was a protest march of people, many of them from Liverpool 8, who were demanding the removal of the Chief Constable Ken Oxford from his position. As thousands of the protestors marched down Rodney Street, a young white man allegedly rushed out from the crowd and struck a policeman who was on duty. Not long after the same policeman was stabbed in the abdomen, and was subsequently taken to the Royal Hospital. He survived, but it’s strange how Sandra seemed to foresee the stabbing a week before it happened. Years after that, in November 1985, Sandra had a series of dreams where she saw a coach overturning, and saw the Star of David symbol. Days later, a coach carrying mostly Jewish ex-servicemen and women – most of them from the Childwall Synagogue overturned on the A6. two pensioners were killed.
But the most chilling premonition has not yet come to pass yet. Sandra saw a huge explosion in Liverpool City Centre which threw cars into the air and demolished some buildings she couldn’t recognise. Those buildings have since been erected – down at Liverpool One…

© Tom Slemen 2010.